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DEMCON | Unmanned Systems

DEMCON Unmanned Systems develops, manufactures and supplies unmanned/uncrewed vessels and autonomous navigation technologies. An one-stop-Dutch-shop partner for USV consult, integration, supply, custom development and service. Helping maritime companies to optimize measurement, inspection and monitoring workflows. As well as enabling new use-cases by extending capabilities with new unmanned & autonomous functionalities. Allowing users to operate in scenario’s where existing equipment can not go or in environments that are unsafe for humans. All vessels have been designed, developed and assembled in-house. The technology development focusses on the key unmanned vessel and autonomy domains for control, path-planning, collision avoidance, perception & data fusion and processing. Ensuring reliable system operations in GNSS(GPS) signal available as well as degraded or denied environments. Being part of the Demcon group, Demcon unmanned systems has access to an unique knowledge base and large engineering capacity (850+ employees) and different prototype-, test-, production- and certification facilities.


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