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University of Twente

The University of Twente excels at technological developments with social relevance. This project brings together elements such as IT, mechatronics, security, electronics and robotics, which makes the Robotics and Mechatronics (RAM) department the ideal knowledge partner. Furthermore, there are groups that mainly conduct research into the practical deployability of drones, including relevant laws and regulations. The goal of the drone research being conducted at the University of Twente is to study the applicability of modern robotics systems, imaging and control methods. Possible fields of application include inspection, maintenance, land exploration and disaster management.

The role of the various faculties of the University of Twente within Space53 centers around providing support with knowledge. They do this by sharing the knowledge they possess, as well as any ongoing research that touches upon the cluster’s theme. Additionally, they can determine or study whether proposed solution directions are feasible. By working together in an interactive manner with other stakeholders and problem owners, it is possible to look for solutions effectively and efficiently.

Developing new technologies, making them applicable and facilitating their use in society is one of the university’s core responsibilities. The importance of participating departments is to further expand the knowledge and expedite the practical applicability. Research programs can be tailored accordingly. With regard to the applicability, it is essential to regularly meet up with businesses. The Space53 cluster is there to intensify the contacts, thereby lowering the threshold for organizations to seek contact with the university of their own accord.

The various test facilities make it possible to conduct step-by-step tests and experiment at different levels:

  • UT lab facilities such as the Wind Tunnel, the ThermoPlastic Composites Research Center, the Virtual Reality Lab, DesignLab, Robo Lab and Tech4People Lab,
  • Space53, such as the test area for experimental drones and the facilities of e.g. Twente Airport and Twente Safety Campus
  • UT Living Smart Campus, with designated areas for micro UAVs and in designated areas and neighborhoods in Enschede.


"Met de combinatie van hightech kennis en vaardigheden, voorzieningen voor testen en experimenteren en de intensieve samenwerking met overheden en hulpdiensten, hebben we een unieke positie in de dronewereld.


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