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Safely testing and training in a protected environment

Testing & training

Space53 is located at Technology Base, the test bed for businesses who are eager to innovate. It offers the perfect conditions for the safe development and testing of and experimentation with new materials and systems, as well as a fine place to educate and train people. The three-kilometer-long runway, the ample space and the remote environment make this a unique location.

The Human Environment and Transport Inspectorate (ILT) has given State of Motion, as part of Drone Flight Company and a partner within the Space53 program, the authority to conduct tests with experimental drones at Technology Base. This decision brings the realization of a full-service test site with ample room to experiment with innovative technology in Twente one step closer.

It has given Space53 the test space it needs for various drone projects, such as the development of new drone monitoring technology, security concepts and new applications for drones as part of European projects. With the exemption, we can help Space53’s partners, including the University of Twente and Saxion University of Applied Sciences, save critical time. They utilize experimental and therefore uncertified technology, whose safety for testing purposes they can now assess themselves.


As a result of our collaboration with Twente Safety Campus and Mapture.ai, it is possible to fly drones by day and by night without the operator being required to maintain a line of sight to the drone.

In the future, drones will primarily be used to perform tasks automatically or even autonomously. Thus far, operating drones outside of the pilot’s line of sight was practically impossible in Europe. Similarly, experimenting with and testing this technology was not a viable option. The authorization that Space53, Mapture and Twente Safety Campus have to operate drones BVLOS by day and by night allows us at Space53 to ramp up our development of these automated and autonomous drones.


"Met de combinatie van hightech kennis en vaardigheden, voorzieningen voor testen en experimenteren en de intensieve samenwerking met overheden en hulpdiensten, hebben we een unieke positie in de dronewereld.


p/a Technology Base
Vliegveldstraat 100 – B519*
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