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Development of relevant applied technologies together with businesses and the public sector

Saxion University of Applied Sciences

“Living Technology” is an important aspect of Saxion’s research agenda. The goal is to search for and develop relevant applied technologies together with businesses and/or the public sector. This will result in new and in concepts, services or products. Saxion possesses specific expertise related to research into technologies and applications for unmanned vehicles.

An important goal is to develop detection, analysis and monitoring applications for the field of security, detection and criminology, as well as various agricultural applications.

Saxion has several areas of expertise that include both research and educational programs:

  • Social security: our society is constantly changing, as is our security, our experience of security and how it is organized.
  • Advanced Forensic Technology: applications for detection and safeguarding;
  • Ambient Intelligence: for the application of sensor technology and data analysis;
  • Industrial Design: for functional and sustainable product design with the use of state-of-the-art technology;
  • Mechatronics: for the design and development of unmanned vehicles, including intelligent control and navigation systems for unmanned vehicles;
  • Nanotechnology: for the development of miniature sensors and chips;
  • Lightweight Construction: the development of lightweight constructions for unmanned vehicles and the installation of sensors.

The role of Saxion within Space53 centers around the development – alongside the University of Twente – of solution directions (concepts) and testing/validating these in a laboratory environment or in practice (show case). They do this by sharing the knowledge they possess, as well as any ongoing research that touches upon the cluster’s theme. Furthermore, Saxion actively conducts research in the form of half-year-long student projects and assesses/tests whether proposed solution directions are feasible. They are also actively involved in the development of new public-private joint projects.



"Met de combinatie van hightech kennis en vaardigheden, voorzieningen voor testen en experimenteren en de intensieve samenwerking met overheden en hulpdiensten, hebben we een unieke positie in de dronewereld.


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