DroneQ Robotics & Spectro-AG receive MIT R&D subsidy

DroneQ Robotics & Spectro-AG receive MIT R&D subsidy

DroneQ Robotics and Spectro-AG, both partners of Space53, join forces and with success! In December 2022, they received an MIT R&D subsidy to collaborate on an innovative project. This project focuses on developing a new method to measure water and soil quality. They use underwater robots (ROV), drones and artificial intelligence, to carry out the measurements. Ultimately the project will result in an advanced system to measure surface water quality in real-time.

Water quality under pressure

Unfortunately, the water quality in the Netherlands is under pressure according to the standards of the Water Framework Directive (WFD). The water quality in 99% of the water bodies, like oceans, lakes and rivers, does not meet the established ecological requirements and 58% does not meet the chemical standards. These findings have a negative impact on, among other things, our drinking water, biodiversity and personal health. Nowadays, we manually measure the water quality which implies that a person travels to the location of interest and takes a water sample sent to a lab for analysis. John Troch, co-founder DroneQ Robotics, states: “This way of measuring has several important disadvantages that stand in the way of high-quality water management and an integrated approach. Besides, this way of working is time-consuming and expensive.”

Hyperspectral Water Measurement

Keeping this in mind, Unmanned Technology Operator & Integrator DroneQ Robotics and specialist in AI and spectral imaging Spectro-AG, sought cooperation. Finally, the R&D project, Hyperspectral Water Measurement by Drones and ROV, was born. Hamed Mehdipoor, owner of Spectro-AG, explains the aim of the project: “We will develop a monitoring system to measure the quality of surface water. This system will consist of (1) an underwater robot (ROV) from SEAMOR Marine Ltd. Marine and (2) a professional drone to measure and analyze both chemical and biological contamination of the water and soil in real-time using hyperspectral cameras. By using Artificial Intelligence, a centralized platform automatically processes measurement data into relevant values and visual representations.” In this project, Spectro-AG and DroneQ closely work together with METIP. The project duration is two years, starting from 1 January 2022.

About MIT R&D collaboration projects

The MIT R&D subsidy supports SMEs, like DroneQ Robotics and Spectro-AG, who develop an innovative product, process or service in collaboration with each other. Last year, companies were able to apply for this subsidy. The applications are assessed on the following points:

  • Innovativeness and the impact for the region
  • Economic perspective
  • Quality of the collaboration (at least two SMEs)
  • Impact on one or more of items on the social agenda

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