Drone2Go demonstration day at Space53

Drone2Go demonstration day at Space53

On 13 July, the Drone2Go ecosystem got together for various demonstrations and to give each other an update about the current sprints. This time, it was Space53’s turn to play host. This day was originally supposed to center around a high-speed demonstration flight past obstacles of the Twente Safety Campus. Although a research group of Saxion University of Applied Sciences’ Mechatronics department was willing to take on this challenge, the rain ended up spoiling the fun. Luckily, we were able to enjoy demonstrations given by Mapture.ai, Avy, Deck180 and Nest-Fly Technologies in between the rain showers.


Remco Aagtjes (Politie Netherlands) and Martijn Zagwijn (Brandweer Twente) kicked off the day’s events with a semi-BVLOS flight from the Space53 shelter with Avy’s drone-in-a-box that is located near Rijkswaterstaat in Nijmegen. He made use of the Mapture.ai operating system for this flight. Later that day, Niels Klink and Bart Slinger (Mapture.ai) explained their ambitions: a future in which anyone can operate a drone, even without any knowledge of drone technology. That is exactly what was demonstrated earlier that day!

Avy also demonstrated its drone-in-a-box, positioned near Rijkswaterstaat, from the Space53 shelter. With their Avy Aera VTOL, they demonstrated how to locate ships using object tracking. They envision a future with a nation-wide network of autonomous drones and remote pilots who can operate multiple drones at once. In the near future, they will continue to optimize their concept and develop the next generation of their VTOL drone. This new model is expected to be ready for testing at Space53 at Technology Base this autumn.


Under the guidance of professor of Unmanned Robotics Systems Abeje Mersha, a research group of Saxion’s Mechatronics department worked on a drone that plotted the most optimal flight path while flying at high speed using predetermined waypoints. Unfortunately, it was too rainy to perform the demonstration on the grounds of Twente Safety Campus. Abeje did explain the research process and show footage of the test flights to illustrate how the drone plots its course. Don’t worry: we will schedule a different day to perform and record the demonstration soon!


For their presentation, Roger Borre and Matthijs Nederveen from DRONExpert wheeled in the famous trash bin. With this bin, which has a drone hidden inside, they realized a variation of the drone-out-of-the-box. It is a cost-effective, waterproof and inconspicuous solution. They want to use the drone-in-a-bin to detect forest fires (temperature and smoke plumes), guard areas using motion sensors and develop a nation-wide network of AEDrones. In the second half of this year, they will work on optimizing the battery management, an automatic charging station, temperature control, a proprietary camera control system and an interface to a local weather station.


Sunshine follows rain! The Nest-Deck consortium, which consists of drone software developer Deck180 and the universal drone docking station of Nest-Fly Technologies, was able to perform a demonstration during the Drone2Go event. From the Space53 shelter, a scenario was flown in semi-BVLOS during which the system responded to an incident that took place on the adjacent grounds and sent images back to the control room.

The team used a heavily modified DJI M300 for their demonstration. Marc Spijker (Deck180) and Yves Lentfert (Nest-Fly Technologies) said they will be working on improving the infrared images that are recorded during a fire and developing a weather- and wind-proof housing for the docking station in the foreseeable future.


Drone2Go is a cooperative alliance between 5 First Responders Rijkswaterstaat, Fire Department, Police, ILT-Aerosensing and NVWA, for which they collaborate with the market and various knowledge institutions to study possible applications for automated drones. Drone2Go stimulates the technological developments that this will require. The partners want to stimulate the drone sector in its development and challenge it to bring innovative concepts to market that can also be used to acquire a good (inter)national market position.



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