BlueMark Innovations joins Space53

BlueMark Innovations joins Space53

BlueMark Innovations will partner with Space53 as of January 1, 2023. The innovative company provides products in the field of Remote ID. Remote ID is a wireless license plate for drones and is mandatory from January 1, 2024, in Europe. Similar legislation is already in place in Japan and the United States. With direct/broadcast Remote ID, a variety of information such as serial number, operator ID, current location is broadcast in real-time by a Remote ID transmitter (drone) based on Bluetooth and/or WLAN. A smartphone receives this information in an app.

BlueMark is an innovative company from Twente, founded in 2008 and is a spin-off of the University of Twente. Roel Schiphorst, Managing Director & Technical Lead, sees demand for its technology rising in the coming period: “We focus on innovations and consultancy in the field of wireless communication. We started the technology development for Remote ID in the late 2020s, and now several drone manufacturers are using BlueMark’s Remote ID products. Following Japan and America, this wireless license plate for drones will also be mandatory in Europe from January 1, 2024.”

Bluemark products

Through its website dronescout.co, BlueMark Innovations supplies professional Remote ID receivers (DroneScout) and transmitters (DroneBeacon). The DroneBeacon transmitters are certified by the U.S. FAA for use in the United States and can be attached in or on a drone. A portfolio of transmitters is offered here.

The db201 is a transmitter that communicates directly with a flight controller. There is also a stand-alone db120 transmitter with a battery and built-in GPS receiver. The db121 and db121pcb modules are similar to the db120, but are powered directly by the drone. Finally, the Remote ID receiver ds230 can be used to pick up Remote ID signals up to 5 km away. In the European project AMU-LED, Space53 has already gained experience with these products.


Open source is important to the company. Therefore, BlueMark actively contributes to building Remote ID functionality into flight controller software such as ArduPilot and PX4. The company is a partner of ArduPilot and participates in the development team for ArduRemoteID; the open-source firmware for the db201 module, among others. The company also helps drone manufacturers certify Remote ID for the U.S. market. For this, BlueMark offers a partner program that includes a manual certification.

Bluemark & Space53

The collaboration between Bluemark and Space53 has added value on several levels. First, Space53 has an extensive business network, while BlueMark mainly operates outside the Netherlands. In addition, the European Remote ID legislation will increase the need for certification. BlueMark’s products and the testing capabilities at Space53 provide the ideal preconditions for meeting this need.


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